Arctic Adventure: Leaving the Furry Family Behind

We finally managed to break free from the daily grind and embark on an Arctic Ocean adventure! The hardest part, of course, was saying goodbye to our furry family.

Leaving Micca, our precious cat, and Roux, our delightful (and growing!) puppy, was a tearjerker. When Roux arrived, she was the same size as Micca. Now, at 12 weeks, Roux is double Micca’s size.

Roux is incredibly smart. She’s mastered commands like sit, wait, and lie down, and even gives adorable waves! She’s also mastered the art of playing hide-and-seek, which keeps us entertained for hours.

I can only imagine how big she’ll be when I return home! Back home, I’m hopeful that Micca and Roux will become cuddly friends.

Right now, their relationship is a work in progress. When Micca swats at Roux, playful Roux interprets it as an invitation to play “the waving game” – much to Micca’s annoyance. While I’ll miss them dearly, the promise of an Arctic adventure awaits!

Although our departure wasn’t as early as planned, we managed to snag a fantastic spot for our first night.

The weather was a bit finicky during the drive, with sunshine and rain showers taking turns dominating the sky. Thankfully, the sun emerged victorious by the time we reached our destination – well, almost victorious! As we settled in, rain decided to make a final curtain call.

Continuing our journey, we traded the tranquility of camp for breathtaking mountain vistas and majestic mountain goats.

We stopped at Mount  Robson  for a short hike to the cascading beauty of Overlander Falls.

Our second night was a contrast to the first. While we found a scenic spot by the Athabasca River, the constant noise from passing trains combined with the drop in  temperature to a chilly zero degrees Celsius made for quite a restless night. Despite the challenges, the curious deer hovering around our campsite as if wondering about our presence, made it all worthwhile.

Who knows what day 3 will bring… Not us!

Stayed tuned…


  1. Enjoy your travels. It will be an adventure of a lifetime. I’m sure you have every minute accounted for.

  2. A great start to your adventure!!
    I hope you enjoy your trip and I’m looking forward to your following your travels!

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