New Addition to our Family: Introducing Micca!

We’re thrilled to announce a new furry member of our household – Micca the cat!

Our journey with Micca began when a dear friend, unfortunately, facing unforeseen circumstances could no longer keep her. Knowing how much we adore animals, my friend arranged a visit for us to meet Micca before officially welcoming her into our home. It was love at first purr!

Words truly can’t express how much joy Micca has brought to our lives. Micca loves to explore so we never know where we will find her next.  

She’s the sweetest cat we’ve ever met, playful and cuddly in equal measure. It’s so nice for me that my lap is her favorite spot!

We recently had the opportunity to babysit our grand dog for a few weeks. While we were a little worried about how Micca would adjust to a canine companion, she surprised us all by taking it in stride or should I say, in HER stride.

Since I enjoy cross-stitching, I found myself needing a safe place to store my needles and thread when Micca wasn’t under direct supervision. Enter a box I specifically purchased for this purpose. Of course, Micca, with her feline flair for the unexpected, decided this box was far better suited as a cozy bed!

Micca may not have started out with us, but she’s definitely home now. We can’t wait to make countless memories with this delightful little furball!

What’s Next?

Well, with Micca settling in so well and showing surprising canine tolerance, it seems our love for animals might not be quite satiated just yet! Stay tuned, because who knows, our little family might just be growing by four paws in the not-so-distant future…


  1. Thank you for giving Micca a great home with a loving family!!
    I’m so glad she’s with you. ❤️

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