Third Time Lucky: A Journey to the Arctic

As the warm breeze of early June whispers promises of adventure, our hearts beat with anticipation. This is not just any journey; this is our third attempt to reach the elusive shores of the Arctic Ocean. With a renewed sense of determination, we set out to make this trip one for the books.

Our planning stage is a symphony of excitement as every route combines meticulous detail with spontaneity, and the memories of our thwarted attempts due to the pandemic only fuel our resolve to succeed this time around.

Our itinerary begins in Penticton where the allure of classic cars and the camaraderie of fellow Hudson enthusiasts draw us to attend the Hudson Club Western Meet. Of course, since we are attaching this event to the start of our trip to Tuktoyaktuk in our truck and camper, we will leave our 1951 Hudson Pacemaker at home.

Once we bid adieu to the vintage marvels, we will set our sights on the tranquil beauty of Silvertip Falls Recreation Site, nestled within the pristine wilderness of Wells-Gray Provincial Park. The hike up to the falls, which we have done before, is sure to set the stage beautifully!

From here we will traverse the rugged landscapes of the Yukon and the Northwest Territories via Hay River weaving through a tapestry of untamed wilderness and remote communities.

New additions to our route spark our curiosity and ignite our sense of adventure. Places like Great Slave Lake and Tuktoyaktuk promise to unveil hidden gems and unforgettable experiences. And yet, amidst the thrill of exploration, we seek comfort in revisiting old favorites like Dawson City and Tombstone Territorial Park, where familiar trails await our eager footsteps. Yes, we plan to tackle the hike to the Goldensides Trail again which my watch clocked at 72 flights of stairs last time.

Technology becomes our trusted ally in this journey of discovery. ‘GAIA GPS’ comes with Canada’s backroads map which empowers us to navigate with confidence, even in the most remote corners of the Canadian wilderness. Here is the plan! The markers indicate possible camp spots, points of interest and hikes; except for the last stretch from Tombstone Territorial Park to Tuktoyaktuk where we are going to use our sense of adventure and ‘wing’ it.

‘Notion’s’ organizational capabilities allows us to keep all plans in order. We have sketched out our plan in 6 legs, driving 120 hours, approximately 9600 km over about 43 days. We feel ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

Our departure is imminent, but the excitement is palpable. As we get ready load up our vehicle and prepare for all possible contingencies, we know that we’re embarking on an adventure unlike any other. The road ahead is long, but every twist and turn holds the promise of new experiences and unforgettable moments.

We’re determined to make it to the Arctic, to feel the icy wind on our faces and witness the untamed beauty of the North. Although the journey may be fraught with challenges, we know that with each passing mile, we’re one step closer to reach our goal.

So here’s to the third time—the lucky time—the time when we finally make our way to the Arctic and write a new chapter in our adventure-filled saga. The road awaits, and we’re ready to embrace whatever lies ahead.

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