There are cars but then there are trucks!

Step into a world where trucks reign supreme, where every rev of an engine tells a story of history and craftsmanship. Recently, a group of enthusiasts, including myself, had the privilege of visiting the BC Vintage Truck Museum, bringing along our cherished vintage cars for a day filled with nostalgia and admiration.

Among the treasures of the museum, our 1956 Willys’ Wagon stood proudly beside a rugged GMC Tow Truck, epitomizing the enduring charm of these classic vehicles.

Led by passionate volunteers, our tour unveiled a labor of love. These dedicated individuals invest their time and expertise in restoring a myriad of vintage trucks, turning back the hands of time with each meticulous repair. Witnessing their craftsmanship firsthand was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

One particularly remarkable project caught our attention: an oil truck being resurrected from the ashes of history. Dating back to 1935, the ‘1935 Dodge AirFlow’ is a rare gem, one of only 240 ever produced. Lost plans due to a devastating fire haven’t deterred these artisans; instead, they work tirelessly, relying on photographs to guide their hands in recreating this automotive masterpiece.

The museum was a feast for the eyes, with impeccably restored trucks showcased amidst vintage memorabilia, each telling a unique tale of bygone eras. It’s an experience not to be missed for any automotive aficionado.

And speaking of favorites, mine has to be the timeless beauty of the 1937 International. I stumbled upon this gem at the Port Coquitlam Car Show and Cruise, a testament to the enduring allure of classic trucks.

So, if you find yourself yearning for a journey through automotive history, make sure to pay a visit to the BC Vintage Truck Museum. It’s a trip well worth taking, where every engine roar echoes with the legacy of a bygone era.

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  1. Very cool that your vehicle was chosen as a ‘poster child’ for the museum. It looks great. And that ’37 International is certainly a good lookin’ truck.

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