There are cars but then there are trucks!

Several of us were invited to visit the BC Vintage Truck Museum with our vintage cars. We went with our 1956 Willys’ Wagon posing nicely beside this GMC Tow Truck.

One of the volunteers at the museum gave us an excellent tour of the museum. The museum is run by several volunteers who contribute their time and expertise to restoring many vintage trucks. These guys are not just volunteers. They have and share a great deal of knowledge and expertise in restoring these amazing trucks. They are actually restoring an oil truck but ‘restoring’ is actually ‘rebuilding’ since the whole back was started basically from scratch. This ‘1935 Dodge AirFlow’ is one of only 240 ever produced which makes it even more rare. Since the plant where the truck was built burned down along with all the plans many years ago, these guys are working from pictures of what it is supposed to look like. Simply ingenious!

There were a number of very nice truck restorations displayed beautifully with a number of vintage paraphernalia. If you get a chance, you really should stop in.

While we are on the topic of trucks, here is a picture of my favorite – a 1937 International. I saw this truck at the Port Coquitlam Car Show and Cruise.

See you at the BC Vintage Truck Museum!

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  1. Very cool that your vehicle was chosen as a ‘poster child’ for the museum. It looks great. And that ’37 International is certainly a good lookin’ truck.

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