Many people took up baking bread during the pandemic. I have always preferred baking over cooking so I just expanded my horizons to making sour dough bread. I wasn’t the only one. Even when we were camping on Nimkish Lake on Vancouver Island, one of the women came around with freshly baked sour dough bread. I already had in in mind to start making it when I got home and this just added inspiration.

I started out using the recipe on ‘The Clever Carrot‘ website which worked out fine. I found that if your ‘starter’ is not active quickly enough, you can add some rye flour to your starter and it will speed things up.

After making a number of loaves successfully, I decided to get fancy. Well, my idea of getting fancy.

Then, I went on to make stuff from the discard; cinnamon buns, crackers, donuts, hot dog buns, cookies, naan flatbread and cookies.

Some time ago, I did a post about my favourite baking tools. I have a new one! I found this ‘dough whisk’ which works great on making sour dough bread.

Now to my latest revelation! It turns out that my Zojirushi breadmaker has a sour dough bread option. I tried it and it works beautifully! There are two separate processes, the starter and then the bread. The shape is different but it tastes great!

Now that baking is covered, I will tell you about our own personal chef and his quest to make meals that are both healthy and delicious! But that will have to wait for the next post (Epicurious 2.0) because this has all made me hungry!


  1. Good looking baked goods Joyce. That whisk doesn’t look strong enough to do a good job with bread dough. I’m glad it is working for you.

    • The whisk is solid stainless steel and is strong. However, you can see for yourself when you come to break bread (literally)
      with us!

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