Cross-Stitch — Let’s catch up!

Since you asked, here’s what I have been up to on the stitching front.

I am currently working on the Fractal 722 which is the one my son chose. I am using an app (you know how I love apps) called ‘Pattern Keeper’ which not only highlights the colours you are working on, but it also tracks how many stitches you have to do and how many you have done. There are more than 100,000 stitches. I don’t know the exact number since I believe this is the highest number the app will record. I am at 64.32%. I guess I will see how much is left when I hit the 100% mark!

The piece that I finished in this past year is what we are calling the ‘Tree of Life’. It is actually a combination of two samplers; the tree and then a whole lot of letters. Since I don’t much like stitching lettering, my daughter (the artist) re-designed the parts around the tree. I am sure she regretted taking it on because it was a huge undertaking it being 20in x 22in. I am so thrilled with how it turned out and so appreciate the talent and effort my daughter put into this project!

This sampler is called the ‘Pandemic’. It was put out by Long Dog Samplers at the onset of the Covid pandemic. Many of my friends have completed it all in different colours and with different accents.

This one is called ‘Butterfly Garden’. My granddaughter has taken a liking to this one and has already claimed it for when she moves into her new room.

These two are designed by Cliffside Stitches. The one on the left is a set of bookmarks which were supposed to represent places we have visited. However, for reasons unbeknownst to me, they did not have one for Cuba where I have visited a good number of time.

The piece on the right is the Armenian one which I did for a dear friend.

It will quite some time before I finish the Fractal 722 so there won’t be a post on this subject for a while. Unless, of course, I have forgotten some that I have already finished.

All in all, this is one way to relax.


  1. Stunning!!!
    I love your stitching work, I love the ‘Armenian’ one…. And the Pandemic is so full of interesting people, birds and animals – and the spiders!

    Thanks for posting so we can see all these pieces!!

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