From Hollywood to Hot Rod Dreams: Our Journey with a 1932 Chevy

For years now, our garage has been a haven for bringing vintage cars back to life. It all began with a 1951 Hudson snagged from the BC Transportation Museum when they closed their doors nearly three decades ago. Back then, we thought we were rescuing a piece of BC history, only to discover it was a California transplant! Not a total loss though, as we later learned it had a brush with fame, starring alongside John Ritter in a movie.

Those early days were filled with challenges. Every twist and turn seemed to lead to another roadblock. But then, like a beacon in the storm, we stumbled upon a true gem – a 1932 Chevy Confederate. Sure, it needed some mechanical TLC after sitting for five years, but remarkably, it remained completely original and in immaculate condition.

This particular Chevy Confederate, a name not so savory these days, was a one-year wonder designed to compete with the likes of Cadillac. What truly sets it apart is its wooden frame, a rarity even back then. This beauty boasts unique features like etched windows, built-in blinds, an expandable trunk, side-mounted tires with integrated mirrors, and chrome tie-downs – the list goes on!

The car’s official debut came at the KMS Show n’ Shine in Coquitlam on June 17th, 2023, and it was a showstopper! We walked away with not just one, but two awards – first place for best in the pre-1958 category, and the coveted People’s Choice trophy.

This Chevy holds a special place in Evan’s heart. As a teenager, he poured his time and effort into restoring a similar 1932 Chevy, a hot rod version. While he sold it years ago (a decision he now regrets!), fate seemed to intervene when he recently spotted the very same car up for sale. The sentimental pull was strong, but the reality was – not much had been done to it since he last owned it, and the price tag was astronomical. Thankfully, this classic case of “what could have been” didn’t sting too much, because let’s be honest, I’m not exactly a hot rod enthusiast!

Stay tuned for our next post, where I’ll be diving into the vehicle that forced me to dust off my standard transmission skills!

In the meantime, to answer the question from my previous post – yes, those mysterious posts are indeed for birds to build their nests on (though exactly how they use them remains a bit of a mystery. We’ll be sure to investigate further!). But here’s a fun fact I uncovered – those metal posts double as musical instruments! Each one produces a unique tone, perfect for an impromptu roadside symphony.

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