Classic Cars

We have been restoring vintage cars for some years now. It all started when we got a ’51 Hudson from the BC Transportation Museum when it was closing about 30 years ago. We thought we were preserving a part of BC history but as it turns out, the car was originally from California. It was not a total loss though because we have since learned it was in a movie with John Ritter.

After months of it seeming like anything that could possibly go wrong, went wrong, we finally had a stroke of luck when we came upon a real ‘find’, this ’32 Chevy, Although It has required some mechanical work due to the fact that it sat for the five years, it remains ‘stock’ and is in mint condition.

This is the only year this model, 1932 Chevy Confederate (unfortunate name, I know), was made and it was designed to compete with the Cadillac. It is unique as there are not many cars that still exist that have a wood frame. It has several special features such as the ‘etched’ windows, blinds, expandable trunk, side mount tires with mirrors mounted to them and chromed tie-downs and more. It’s ‘debut’ showing was at the KMS Show ‘n Shine in Coquitlam on June 17, 2023 and it was a huge hit! Our car won a first place award for best in the pre-1958 category as well as ‘People’s Choice’.

This car has a special meaning for Evan because when he was a teenager, he had a ’32 Chevy (a rod) which he was restoring. Although he now regrets it, he sold it. Recently, he saw that exact car up for sale and thought it would be so cool to get it back. However, not much had been done to it since he had it and also it was very high priced. Therefore, he scrapped that idea which was fine with me because I am not partial (at all) to rods.

In the not-too-distant future, I will post about the vehicle that prompted me to brush up on driving a standard!

Oh — one more thing — the answer to the question in my previous post is: the posts are used to show kids how birds build their nests. (I don’t know how though — I will get more info and post later). However, I also learned that if you happen to have a metal rod in your hand, you can use them to make music — each one has a different tone.

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