Well, hasn’t it been just a minute?

It’s been quite a while since my last post. Although lots of things have been going on, not too many of them were noteworthy — at least, not in a good way.

Past posts have mostly been around our travelling adventures but, alas, there were none this year. It all started with a flood in our basement and proceeded through a number of unsavoury events, not only for us but for the world over.

We decided back in April to forgo our trip to the Arctic Ocean during the summer which was just as well since all the terrible fires in BC’s north, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories would have put a kibosh on that anyway. It’s a shame that the warnings about the consequences we will face due to climate change were ignored by those who could have averted this disaster. Well, don’t get me started — but we could have done so much better.

Now to the positive side of life. We have taken up a few activities to keep us going like walking, baking, making sour dough bread, classic cars, cross-stitching, photography and more. We will catch up on these over the next few posts.

Let’s start with our walks.

As you can see from the pictures, walks in Green Timbers Park never get boring. The Nature Centre has a a lot of information and a myriad activities for kids and adults. They lend fishing rods to kids so they can fish in the lake. You will often see staff walking around and showing people things they might not have noticed before. They introduced us to an app called ‘SEEK’ that will identify plants, fungi, insects, animals etc that you come across.

The birds that live in the park like to pose for pictures.

Do you have any idea what the object in the above photo is for? We had some ideas and then we asked one of staff. Ideas?

I suppose this is a good place to stop although I have many more photos of our walks. More to come…


  1. Great photographs! What did SEEK say about the tree fungus?

    My guess is they make ‘music’ when the wind blows thru them.

    • Thanks! I didn’t know about SEEK when I took the fungus photos. Perhaps they will come out again in October. I will tell you what the posts are for in my next post but I can tell you that you are close with your guess. Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Hey! Good to see you posting again!! Nice photos.
    I have no idea what the aluminum posts are for…. Weaving posts for dogs who like doing that sort of thing?
    How about some stitchery photos??

    • I will add what those posts are for in the next post but I can tell you that I haven’t seen any dogs weaving so far. As for the stitching photos, I plan to make that one of my next posts. Thanks for reading my blog.

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