The Bays

I looked at the ‘backroads’ map to find remote, by the coast, campsites which prompted us to head to “Little Bear Bay”. However …

We ended up at Elk Bay by accident. I set the Gaia map to be displayed on the truck map and we headed out. Then, I went to set it on my phone (using google maps). I guess because it looked similar, I ended up choosing Elk Bay instead of Little Bear Bay. At one point, I did wonder why the two didn’t jive, but decided (in my no so wisdom) that it was due to the fact that we had no service. As often happens, it worked out just fine and Elk Bay was a very nice place to camp.

Little Bear Bay: Not to be deterred, we continued on to Little Bear Bay the next day. Another really (I mean REALLY) nice campsite. So nice, in fact, that we stayed there 2 nights. We met a very nice couple and watched a seal staking out the fish hatchery across the bay; or so we thought. We soon learned that it was actually a buoy but it was fun while it lasted.

While camped at Little Bear Bay, we walked to Rock Bay (about 4 km) with the couple we met and learned we had a good deal in common.

We met a very interesting and informative man in his 80’s who told us all about the history of this area. In the early 1900, this was a community of over 1500 people working in the logging and fishing industries. There was a school, hospital, railway line, etc. Now, it is just a summer recreational rv park.

We watched two eagles catch some fish (pix on the right) and then were relentlessly taunted by a couple of crows. The eagles remained calm and didn’t let the crows get to them.

The plan as we left Little Bear Bay, was to visit Kelsey Bay, Telegraph Cove and any other communities along the way to Port Hardy. When we stopped at the harbour at Kelsey Bay, we found a small rv site (6 sites) sitting right at the harbour. The fellow in the first spot (who we thought was the owner) told us that there is one spot available for one night so we decided to stay. Since the weather was beautiful, we sat and watched humpback whales (sorry, couldn’t get a photo), dolphins and talked to the people around. This was a community within itself as most of the others who camped here, go there every year to fish for about 5 months at a time. They even have a ‘happy hour’ every day at 5pm. Yes, of course, we went.

So far, the weather is holding up … I can tell you now, that won’t hold up!


  1. Loved your seal/buoy, we found a tattered life jacket floating in the middle of the lake yesterday, thinking the worst!
    Butch spies something dark in the water, thinking it’s a log, Yes kind of, it was the top half of a huge tree that I heard come down about a week ago! The top with branches were down with the trunk up I wrapped the life jacket around it to warn other boaters!

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