Salmon Beach – Ucluelet – Union Bay

Since we heard many rumours that finding a campspot anywhere near Ucluelet or Tofino without a reservation, we were very grateful for the invitation to stay at our friend’s cabin in Salmon Beach.

In spite of the rain, we headed out to Ucluelet to walk the ‘Wild Pacific Trail’. Rain or not, the scenery is magnificent! I still can’t get over how the trees bend and twirl due to the west pacific winds and weather.

We were fortunate that it didn’t rain hard until we had completed our walk but then it rained hard enough to forego going to Tofino this time.

Next, we went to Union Bay via the old highway. We walked along the ocean and through the wee village which was all very interesting.

Structures of animals and characters, as in the photo above, can be found throughout the trails.

As we walked around the village (is it big enough to call it a village? — not sure), there were some other unique displays. The ‘women’ you see in the window of the “Highwayman Saloon” are mannequins (in case it wasn’t obvious). They are currently temporarily closed but the rustic charm stayed.

Next up … Are you from Bevan?


    • Thanks. They are really, really old and their growth is quite stunted but are quite the sight to see.

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