Not the garden of eden

Here are a couple of photos that should have been on our previous post of a few wonderful, very worthwhile hikes at Mystic and Botanical beaches … Unlike the next one…

Taking the backroads on our way from Port Refrew to Lake Cowichan, we went to see “The Lonely Doug” which is (perhaps needless to say) an old Douglas Fir. We encountered the only road Evan could not drive on. As it was only 800 metres further, we parked the truck and walked. Further along, we found the ‘Eternity Waterfalls and Pools’ and then Eden Grove which was a lovely trail through the woods.

As nice as this all was, my enthusiasm drastically wanted when the temperature hit 35c. I was in doubt as to whether I was going to make it back.

We stayed at Fairy Lake that night.

The weather has taken a turn for the worse and we have had seen alot of rain. But, that is all part of the adventure.

Internet service is pretty scarce where we are traveling so I may have to catch up once we return home.


  1. You take beautiful pictures! I hope you made it to Myra Falls when you were in the Campbell River Gold Stream area?

    • Thanks! Those places are on our agenda for our way back we’re just now headed to Cape Scott. Service is scarce so it may take me a while.

    • We are not back yet but I will have to wait till I get back to do more consistent blogs. We have seen and done a lot but took much to report on the road.

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