Sooke Potholes

After visiting the Hatley Castle and the Esquimalt Estuary, we headed to the Sooke Potholes where we spent the night.

It was too cold to swim, for me anyway. We had planned to hike some of the Galloping Goose Trail, but that is not where we ended up. Oh, by the way, the new app I told you about on my previous blog, does not prevent me from getting lost. They have yet to develop an app that would prevent that.

As is the usual result, our wrong way turned out just fine. When we got to where the trail was to start, it looked like it was more like a road so when we saw a trail (ish) going up the hill on the other side of the road, we opted for that one.

It didn’t take us long to realize that it wasn’t an actual trail. We came by what looked like a huge log going across the path which seemed kind of weird, but when we visited the visitor center in Sooke, we learned that it actually was a pipeline that they put in that had grown over.

Due to the fact that we have chosen to do back roads combined with how sketchy the phone service is, it’s very difficult to do the blog as we go along. So don’t be alarmed if the posts are slow to come.

We have been doing a lot of hiking so I have some pictures and lots of stairs to tell you about … It just might take a while. Luckily for us the weather has been beautiful.


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