Not the Arctic Ocean … Again!

Our attempts to reach the Arctic Ocean have been thwarted once again! The first time, Covid-19 had prevented us from leaving our Province and sometimes even our region. The next year, while the Yukon opened it’s borders (with restrictions), Northwest Territories did not. Now that all restrictions have been lifted, all the borders are open. But, alas, we still can’t go! Just like so many other Canadians, we can’t afford to go on our planned holiday due to the gas and diesel prices being so exorbitant! Fear not though; the oil and gas companies will continue to reap massive profits as they have done throughout covid.

It seems we are destined to continue to explore our home province which is taking us to Vancouver Island this time. I found a new app called GAIA GPS from which I took this photo showing the routes we have mapped out.

GAIA GPS is far from ‘user friendly’ but it has some features that made it worth the bother. The most useful tool it has is “Backroad Mapbook” which includes forestry roads etc. This allowed us to map out routes that google maps could not.

The other major advantage is that you can download “Backroad Mapbook” for offline use for those times when you are out of service range.

The third (although there are more) feature is that you can record your trip as you go. This will be most helpful while hiking which may help prevent us from getting lost or spending valuable time arguing about which way we need to go to return.

Now if they only had a ‘bear tracker’…

I am looking forward to some peace and tranquility and some distance from the many people who have forgone wearing a mask. But I will miss my online visits with my friends and family who willingly continue with online visits even now that mandates have lifted. Respecting each other’s comfort level helps to alleviate the social pressures in these new and strange times.

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Stay safe and have fun!


  1. You’re going to have such a wonderful time on the island!! i hope one of your stops will take you to Lesquiti to visit Lindi, Anna and co!

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