Knock, knock — Who’s there?

As we often do, we headed out in our camper to go exploring for a few days. This time we started out at Jones Lake.

Our first night was eventful. We were sitting in the camper at about 9pm when heard someone climb the stairs and knock at the door. I would not answer the door so I called out ‘Hello? Who’s there?”. No one answered but we heard a bit more clamouring. After a few minutes, Evan turned on the light but didn’t see anyone there so he gingerly opened the door to peer out but still saw nothing. He thenstepped out and looked down the side of the camper and saw a big black bear heading down the road!

The people camping in the site next to us were in a tent so we went over to warn them that there is a bear in the area. They assured us that they keep all their food in their vehicle.

The next day, we could see paw and nose prints on the truck. The neighbours reported that the bear had returned about 5am but only took their dish cloth.

We did see the bear twice earlier in the day. When we started out on our walk along the beach, he came out of the bush toward the water, saw us, then promptly turned around and headed back to the bushes. We saw him again when we were returning along the road. He saw us but paid us no mind as he was busy picking berries.

Jones Lake is a BC Hydro site consisting of 3 campgrounds. The main one was closed but we found an ideal spot by the lake at the next one.

The next day, we walked to the main campsite and were so amazed to find a plethora of mushrooms!

Needless to say, we are going to find a crash course to learn all about the various types of mushrooms!

After two wonderful and exciting days, and waking up to rain on the third day, we decided to head over to check out the Provincial campsite at Ross Lake. The tip of Ross Lake is in Canada but the rest is in USA. The 60 km road in is full of potholes and very rough. At the 12 km mark, there was a sign saying that the Silver Tip campsite (to the right) is closed but the other two (including Ross Lake campsite) have vacancies. So we continued on our way.

Our relief to have finally arrived was short-lived as there was a closed gate at the entrance. Although, we didn’t really relish the thought of traveling this road again, we decided to head home — especially since there was only rain in the forecast. So in the end, we drove more on this day than any other day even when we went to the Yukon.

But for anyone who wonders if camping in the fall is worth the bother — I can definitely say that it is since you just never know when or where the adventure will begin …. or end…


  1. what a cute, polite bear to knock on the door!

    Also, most of those mushrooms are amanitas at different life stages. amanitas are very poisonous. The bottom right/last photo looks like magic mushrooms, haha.

    The cluster of mushrooms on the tree i am unsure about.

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