Our Hiatus

We haven’t finished telling you about our Yukon adventure yet but, in the meantime, we decided to take a little camping trip. Since everything is uncertain — covid, the fires and the smoke, we thought we would squeeze in a little hiatus. We settled on Chehalis Lake as it was one of the few places not affected by fire.

We didn’t know what to expect. Would the Skwellepil Creek Recreation Site be over-crowded with so few places being accessible? We were confident that we would find somewhere to camp if it was, so we decided to take our chances. We were pleasantly surprised to find the most idyllic spot right by the lake with a river running beside us and tucked behind some bushes.

You would never expect to find an icicle on a hot day would you? It’s actually sap from the tree.

The only downside to this campsite is the road going it. One would pretty much need 4-wheel drive. Some of the potholes are pretty big and so some vehicles may bottom out.

We were having such a perfect time that we decided to stay longer than we originally planned — well, that is until we got up in the morning to find the smoke had come in and the wind had picked up. We didn’t have internet access so we didn’t know whether fires had started up in the area. Without knowing the whole situation, we decided to head out.

Here is a ‘before’ and ‘after’…

Needless to say, we are very happy we took this little trip. Not only was it lovely, peaceful and relaxing, it looks like camping is off the table for the rest of this year. Our timing was perfect for this and the Yukon trip … which we will get back to shortly. Stay tuned…

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