Goldensides Trail, Tombstone Territorial Park

Several people had recommended the Goldensides Trail as it is the ideal way to get a first-hand view of the beautiful terrain of the Yukon. It was only 2 km. As it turns out, that is only from the campsite to the parking lot. Luckily for us, someone had already told us that you can drive further up to the Communications Tower to park (another 1.5 km). From here to the end of the trail was another 4 km.

I could see a ‘crag’ in the rock on a mountain way off in the distance which was our destination — or so I thought. Turns out, it was on the next hill after that. In our previous blog, I mentioned that the Five Fingers Lookout was equivalent to 21 flights of stairs. This hike was at least 52 flights of stairs!

Here are some of the photos I took along the way. It is difficult to see really how high we were and how far we walked but more importantly, it is not possible to capture the magnificence of the scenery which can only be described as ‘majestic’.

I really have never been on a trip that I have been compelled to stop every few minutes for a picture of the scenery — walking and driving. I wish I had the words …

We had planned to spend one night only at Tombstone Territorial Park but we ended up staying three. I definitely will go here again next year when we get to do this all again on our way to the Arctic Ocean!

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