Top ‘o the World to ya!

Now that you have seen the previous post about the cute little fox, you get to see the view at the Fox Campground.

We haven’t yet finished with Dawson City. We learned that there were several paddle-wheeler wrecks past the campground that we were staying at. Of course, we went to explore. Some of us (not me), climbed up on the wreck to get a good view.

After exploring the wrecks, we took a drive on the ‘Top of the World Highway’ in the hopes of seeing a herd of cariboo that we had heard were grazing up there. We didn’t see the cariboo but the view was well worth the trip.

When it comes to scenery though, I have to say … I have never before been on a trip that I wanted to stop every few minutes for pictures of the scenery. If you think it has been lovely so far — you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet! We are headed to Tombstone Territorial Park.

Just to get you started, here a some scenes along the way on the Dempster Hwy.


    • When the highway went in between Whitehorse and Dawson City in 1952ish, it marked the end of the paddle-wheelers which, up to that point, were the only means of transportation. This history of the paddle-wheeler is quite amazing and maybe worth it’s own post.

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