The Midnight Sun!

Dawson City is something else again!  You definitely step back into the gold rush times when you come into this historic town.

To get to the lovely territorial campsite, you take a ferry which runs 24/7 and takes about 7 min to cross.

After getting a camp spot, we went back to Dawson City and after lunch, walked around town a bit. We then took a walking tour with a Parks Canada guide, Faye, who is quite a character. She arrived here in the early ’70s and worked many jobs including trapping, dogsled, etc.  She has been a guide for Parks Canada oyn Dawson City since 1996.

Faye talking about the mortuary.

Here are some pictures from around town.

In the evening, we went to the Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall.  All proceeds go into restoration and services in the town, so you don’t have to feel so bad when you lose money but we went for the show.

When the sun doesn’t go down, you can easily forget to go to bed so we went up to the Midnight Dome at midnight to watch the sun not set.  … The sun wasn’t as clear as usual because of the smoke from the Alaska fires.

We are still in Dawson City so there will be more …


    • Thanks for the info. I wouldn’t have wanted to miss anything. Luckily we did all that yesterday and more. The post is next on that experience is next.

  1. Haha! Talk about stepping into the past, you’re in Dawson City and i am watching a 90’s show called Dawson’s Creek! haha

    Great photos, keep ‘em coming!

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