We made it to the Yukon!

We had no trouble at the Yukon border.  They had their systems set up pretty well and since we had our second vaccine 2 weeks prior, we were issued green stickers to place on our truck to indicate excemption status.

Our first stop was Watson Lake where we visited the Northern Light Centre and the Sign Post Forest which has over 80,000 signs. This landmark is famous and is deemed to be the largest collection of stolen goods.

We stayed at the Watson Lake government campground. The Yukon has these and territorial campgrounds conveniently located all over the Yukon and are only $12. They are very nice they have free firewood (although it’s so hot we don’t need a fire).

Along the way to Evan’s fishing site, we stopped at the Rancheria Waterfalls which are accessed by a long boardwalk. It wasn’t the most impressive waterfalls we’ve seen but it was a lovely walk.

We drove up to a telecommunications tower from where you get a 360° view of the valley.

The road to Evan’s fishing site dips down into BC. Our time here was mostly spent walking around and checking out the various places that he goes when he comes here. Some of the walks were easy while others were a little bit more treacherous. The bridge you see below was made by Evan and his buddies to get across the creek. The wood has since rotted over many years and if you don’t walk over carefully you could land in the creek. I know this first hand although I didn’t fall completely into the creek … just my foot.

It was a fun and interesting stay here and we certainly got our hiking in … but the mosquitoes were horrendous.

As I write this, we are at Wolf Creek campground getting ready to visit Whitehorse tomorrow.

On our way here, we stopped to see the Carcross Desert and Emerald Lake. The scenery along the way is amazing! If some of the pictures look like they are taken to high, it is because I am trying to cut out the hood of the truck.

All in all, we are having a great time! Wish you were here!!!


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying the drive!!
    Of course you got your foot wet…lol
    Did Dad catch anything?
    Miss you
    Love you
    I have enjoyed following along with you two💕

    • Nice to hear from you! The swamp Dad took me through was too difficult to get a good spot to try fishing. So, no fish yet… But soon… Love you too!

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