Wildlife… A big day!

After leaving Sikanni Falls, we went to Muskwa Boat Launch.  We parked so close to the river, but I was assured that we would not wake up in the middle of the river.

Our next stop was the Muskwa Recreation site.  Some of us enjoyed watching the jet boats being launched. 

The most eventful day was when we were headed to the Liard River Hot Springs.  Along the way, we saw a rabbit, bear, deer,  mountain sheep, cariboo, moose and bison but didn’t get pictures of all. We aim to only take pictures without disturbing the inhabitants.

We stayed at Liard Hot Springs for two nights.  We had heard that it is so busy on weekends, you would need a reservation.  There was hardly anyone there!  The walk to the hot spring is about 1 km of which 700 metres is a boardwalk.  It really is a beautiful hot spring.

We entered the Yukon today. We are supplied with green stickers to place on the truck to show that we have excempt status having had our 2nd vaccine over 14 days ago.

So, stay tuned for our Yukon adventure!


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