Up to Chetwyn

We visited old friends near Williams Lake (again, outside). John raises bees and Louise makes fabulous quilts.  The sun continued to shine and it was 22°. After coffee and scones, we headed out and stayed the night at the Blue Lake Rec Site. We had the whole afternoon to enjoy the sun.  I actually managed to do a bit of stitching in.

The lake was actually down the hill and the trees cut off the view but it was a very quiet and peaceful night.

These photos were taken at Emerald Lake Rec Site and our walk to Crystal Lake.  ‘Manny’ thought if he jumped really high, Evan will throw the stick. Of course it worked.

The weather is beautiful but no internet access. Our next stop was this beautiful provincial campsite called Heart Lake.

So far we’ve seen a bear, an eagle, several deer a grouse and this Stellar Jay at Bijoux Falls.

We are just leaving Chetwyn which I’ll tell you about in the next post as I’m trying to get this one up before I run out of internet access. It is 27°!


  1. Excellent photos Joyce. It all looks so peaceful and beautiful.

    I’ve just spent 3 hrs doing yard work – it is 24 C with a nice breeze. All good (except for the yard work!). My reward is a Crabbie’s Alcoholic Ginger Beer – delicious!

    • It has been a very peaceful trip so far. We travel such a short distance, then have the afternoon to kick back. I am certainly keeping up with you on the ‘rewards’!

  2. It’s supposed to get to 27 celsius here today too! Heat waaaavvve.

    Gosh that doggo is adorable!

    glad you’re having a good time and your truck is holding out.

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