Chasing the Sun

Our first day was very unusual. As we drove we went from pouring rain, cloudy then sun.

Our first stop was in Squamish to have coffee with our dear friends Jo and Al on their outdoor patio. (Still distancing, of course). Luckily for us, the sun was shining at this time.

As we went to leave the visitor cente in Pemberton, the truck wouldn’t start. The display said it was the “theft deterrent system – contact service”. After some research, we found that the next service station was in Squamish which is an hour and a half back.

We phoned ahead to learn that they would not be able to look at this problem for 10 days.

After more research I found some possible solutions to the problem so, since the truck started after some moments, we decided to rely on our own devices and so away we went to continue our journey.

It continued raining on and off so we figured we may as well drive so we went further than originally intended.

It turned out to be an excellent plan because when we got to the BC Hydro campsite, it was 23° and beautiful sunshiny. We had phoned ahead to make sure it was open but, as it opened just today, there was absolutely nobody camping.

After a nice walk on the Gold Rush trail by the river, we sat enjoyed the sun over a glass of wine.

Next up, dinner, a walk, sleep… Let’s see what tomorrow brings!


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