It’s official! We are on our way to the Yukon!

The travel restrictions to our health regions have been lifted! As of June 15, 2021, we can now travel throughout British Columbia! For us, this means we can go ahead with our plans to travel to the Yukon.

Since Northwest Territories is not ‘open’ yet, we have put our plan to travel to the Arctic Ocean on hold but are using the time to explore Yukon instead. We are prepared! We have mosquito clothing, insect repellent, bearbangers, bear spray, our GoPro, and camera … so we are already to share our adventure with you as we go.

We also are taking everything we could possibly need so as not to intrude on any of the communities along the way. We will continue with all Covid-related precautions — masks, distancing and isolation as much as possible.

If you are wondering about the feature picture on this post (also below), this is one of the many beautiful pictures we took of the Palais Garnier in Paris (the Opera House). This was one of the most beautiful places ever! Last week, we were watching a TV show that was placed in Paris and there were so many scenes of places we had visited which brought back so many wonderful memories.


  1. Hope you have a really great trip and I’m looking forward to your travel blog.
    Safe journey and have a wonderful time.
    PS when you were giving out pies, you forgot to give me one – just saying….

    • It’s in the mail. Actually, Stamata and AJ fixed my website so it was easier for folks to ‘follow’– so that was a ‘thank you’. I am sure we can visit when I get back and since I have lots to thank you for, I will definitely put lemon pie on the menu!

  2. How lucky that this lifted just in time for your trip!! I thought you had left the day before though haha. The crust of those pies were amaaaaazing, just FYI.
    Hope you have a fantastic and safe trip!! Take care <3

    • HAHA — we planned the trip around the lifting of restrictions AND Yukon border restrictions. You must have had your 2nd vaccine 2 weeks prior to entry into Yukon. Glad you liked the pie — the secret is ginger ale — believe it or not!

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