5 of My Favorite Photos

I do not profess to be a skilled photographer but sometimes the opportunity arises that simply lends itself to producing a great picture.

No 1: The Slug

This guy was not timid at all and so I was able to get this shot before he shrunk into hiding.

No. 2: The Sunset

This is the sunset at Davis Lake, BC.

3. The Fox:

This is not the best picture but I thought this guy was so funny. He saw us coming and he not only just sat in the road but on the line!

4. The Deer:

We found an ice spot by a harbour. We saw this guy walking along the shore. Then all of a sudden, he popped his head up from behind the bank.

5. The Tadpoles:

This was taken under water with a GoPro.

I will get out there to capture more precious moments! Stay tuned.


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