Yukon Adventure

As I have mentioned several times, we had planned to go to the Arctic Ocean in the summer of 2020 but the pandemic that hit put a kibosh on our plans.

Now that we have both our vaccines, we thought we would look at taking this trip this year. Alas, it was not to be. While Yukon has opened up to allow fully-vaccinated travellers from British Columbia, the Northwest Territories has not. We could apply to enter which, I think is a good way to handle it, but if you arrive by camper, you have to stay in a ‘hub’ rather than park or campground. This tells me that they really would prefer not to have visitors and we support their efforts to stay safe.

So, change of plan. Instead, we will set out on a Yukon adventure. I have mapped out a plan and we are all set!

Since I obviously don’t have pictures of the Yukon yet, I will share some pictures from around our home. The wisterias are finished already, the clematis is in full bloom and the yuccas will be out soon.

Stay tuned for updates as we explore new and exciting places.


  1. The Yukon will be an exciting adventure! When do you depart?

    Also, those are some beautiful blooms!

    • I am certain it will be. We will leave sometime in the next couple of weeks. The more planning I do, the better I feel about not making it to the Arctic Ocean. The blooms are cool — I have an excellent gardener!

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