Spring has sprung

Sure, it’s been awhile. I have to admit that it is quite difficult to write without depressing everyone. Covid continues to wreak havoc on the world. At the time of writing, India and Brazil are totally out of control. The wealthier countries, (I won’t mention any in particular … the USA), need to realize that Covid-19 (and the variants) is a world-wide pandemic. The idea that the USA and the American people are the only important people in the world is not one that is recognized by covid. The wealthier countries have used their dominance in to obtain vaccines for their own people. Covid has become a money-maker for big companies. Now USA has actually announced that Americans will no longer be required to wear masks except in crowds. Does this mean they will not travel outside of the USA or allow tourism to USA? I don’t think so I can’t think of a worse idea — clearly an idea driven by corporate America.

In BC, travel restrictions have been implemented — well, sort of. We are asked not to travel outside our Health Authority. Hotels and parks are ‘asked’ not to allow reservations from out of Health Authorities but there are no penalties or consequences if they do. I fail to see how this will result in any change (although, I certainly will follow the rules) since flights are coming in every day. So, when people disembark from their flight, where will they go? They will disperse throughout each of the health regions. (sigh)

These crocuses were the first flowers to bloom in our garden.

Meanwhile, I stay home, go for walks, listen to audio books, putter around the house and play music really, really loud — not only music but music I like!It looks like our ‘Arctic Ocean’ trip will be postponed again. It was originally planned for June 2020 and postponed to June 2021 but it does not look like anything will change much in the next month.

Instead, we are going on a one-week trip within our health region. We will take everything we could possibly need with us and only camp in uninhabited camp spots. In essence, we will be more isolated than we would be at home.

Stay safe and WEAR A MASK!

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