Glasgow, Scotland

Our trip to Glasgow was one of the best trips we have taken. I have heard people say that they didn’t like Glasgow as much as say, Edinburgh. But they must have missed all the good stuff because we had an absolute fabulous time.

First up on the list of the best highlights, is A Play, a Pie and a Pint which is held every week at the Òran Mór in the West End of Glasgow. The Òran Mór used to be a church and was turned into a theatre venue in 2004. When you enter, you pick up your pint and your pie and find a seat at the long tables and enjoy the play. The two plays we saw were Arsehammers and Bonfire Night and both were totally enjoyable. If you get the chance to visit Scotland, I highly recommend attending ‘A Play, a Pie and a Pint’. They also put on live music events which I will surely do next time.

Another of the many ‘must-do’s’, is a visit to a Tea room. Of course, the most famous is the Willow Tea Room but we were lucky enough to find a cute, lovely tea room hidden away down an alley. It’s called ‘The Hidden Tea Room’ and it earned it’s name.

One of the more interesting sites we found as we explored Sauchiehall Street (pedestrian only) was the Glasgow Opera House which was really lovely but, since our timing seemed to always be off, we were not able to enjoy any performances.

As mentioned before, we like to explore places we discovered in books. I read about the Burrell Collection in Glasgow from the Alexander McCall Smith’s book “44 Scotland Street”. The Burrell Collection is quite extensive with a plethora of items such as fabrics (embroidered, tapestries), mosaics, furniture, paintings; well, actually, I think they have something of everything.

The building at the Glasgow University were something to behold to be sure.

Cathedrals and graveyards are not visits I would normally go on but we went to the Necropolis and the Glasgow Cathedral anyway.

When we left the Necropolis, we stumbled upon the Provand’s Lordship House which not only had some remarkable antiques and restorations from the 1500’s but had a beautiful garden with depictions of the ‘Tontine Heads’.

The last day of our much too short visit to Glasgow was spent at the Riverside Museum of Transport which had every mode of transportation you can think of.

We have put Scotland back on our ‘bucket list’ with the hope that next time we visit we can travel around more and visit various towns and cities.

Let’s all wear our masks, get the vaccine and take every preventive measure at our disposal and rid ourselves of this pandemic.

Meanwhile, we will continue traveling through our reminiscences.

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