Cross-Canada Trip Remembered — Let’s Go!

Our first cross-Canada trip was very exciting indeed! We drove my Ford Flex which was great because it has so much room. This being our first trip, we didn’t have any experience with arranging accommodation so we used sites like hotwire to book accommodation as we went.

This is the picture I was taking when I realized that I had been taking videos rather than photos

Our second trip was very exciting but very different. We drove my Ford Flex again but this time we booked B&Bs the whole way.

This is us parked outside our first stop on our second trip.

Our third trip was most exciting but this time, we traveled in our Northern Lite camper and Chevy Truck.

We are often asked which we liked more. The answer, surprisingly to me, is most definitely traveling in the camper. I will talk more about our accommodation experiences in a future post — the ups and the downs, the favourites and the absurd.

Before we started planning our first trip, I had considered several options but none seem to stand out as being any better than just taking the car. The thought of trying to get into places with a trailer in tow seemed cumbersome and we really wanted to have the freedom to go wherever we felt like at the moment. Some friends of ours had traveled across Canada in a camper and it just didn’t seem like it would be any fun at all.

Our goals also differed from one trip to another. Our goals on the first trip were to get to Nova Scotia, stop in Manitouwadge, Ontario where I spent my years in elementary school and basically just do a ‘trial run’.

Our main goal on the second trip was to see ‘Men of the Deeps’ and to explore Newfoundland. We took the ferry from North Sydney to Port aux Basques and returned from Argentia to North Sydney.

Our third trip was focused on taking part in ‘Kitchenfest’ in Cape Breton and then to take more time exploring Newfoundland.

Also, after having watched the TV show “Still Standing” with Johnny Harris (from the Murdoch Mysteries fame), we had hoped to see as many places as possible that had been featured in the shows. Alas, that was not to be. Unfortunately, the towns that had been featured, did not maintain any kind of presence that might have brought people to their town. So, after stopping at a few of them, there just didn’t seem to be any point. Move on folks — nothing to see here!

So after starting this trip down memory lane, I feel like getting a start on planning our next trip. Planning is half the fun! And, if Covid doesn’t let up — it may be all the fun.

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