I wish you health

I wish you health but not with wealth
I wish you work and worry
I wish you what I wish myself
A share in man’s sad story
I wish that on that next door day
We coax the world to change our way
And share in all it’s glory!

~~ by Joe Wallace, Canadian Poet

As we gladly leave the year 2020 behind, we hope for better things to come in 2021. Clearly, 2020 has been the worst year some of us have ever experienced. Surely, I need not list the ways.

looking back…

The hope we have for the year 2021 is mainly thanks to all those people who selflessly put their lives on the line for the sake of all of us. Front line workers shall go down in history as heroes.

The fight against Covid-19 was not the only ‘front line’ in 2020. BLM – Black Lives Matter and antifa movements fought on yet another front line. Their sense of goodwill and determination clearly was instrumental in keeping us from the brink of fascism. That fight is not over though.

Together we can build our hope for 2021 and we should all do our part. To support the fight against the coronavirus, we must wear masks, adhere to social distancing, not engage in large gatherings, etc.

To support the fight against fascism, we need to add our voice to those calling for an end to racism, for the right of all to decent housing, food, clothing, education, medical and quality of life and a redistribution of wealth.

Together, we must heed the call for justice!

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