2020 in Photos – Animals

While on our camping adventure this past year, we came by various animals and did our best to capture them in pictures which is not always easy.

After the summer, we felt it wise to stay at home to see what the outcome of the Province’s decision to return the kids to school during the pandemic would be. On these days, we took walks around our neighbourhood where we have lived for many years.

We found one positive result of life under a pandemic due to the fact that people, while staying home, were outside much more than before. So, we encountered several people in the neighbourhood who have lived here for many years but whom we had never met.

We also made some new friends. Every time we walked by this one yard down the lane from our house, a dog would run to the fence and bark like crazy. After a few days of neighbourhood walking, we happened to meet this dog and his master. Exchanging pleasantries from across the street, we learned his name was Astro.


The next time we passed by his yard, we called out to Astro and he came running but didn’t bark. From that day on, he listens for us and runs to the fence to greet us.

Down the next lane, we met Dexter. He used to bark and pop up to see over the fence. I don’t think he realizes that he could clear the fence so easily. Now he just stops and looks at us.

Take a hard look at this picture and see if you can see this cat hiding by the tree.

The one that was the most fun was this deer who came into our campsite at Davis Lake. He stayed around for quite a while and I was able to get some nice videos of him without disturbing him at all.

Once we got settled at Honeymoon Bay, watched the sunset with a snack and a glass of wine. We found this little mouse under our chair. I was able to put my phone right in front of him to take a picture, so I figured he was blind.

This Steller Jay lives at Johnson Lake, BC and gets to look at this beautiful lake with all it’s beautiful colours. The water is amazingly clear and the bottom is lovely soft sand.

I must have hundreds of pictures of ducks. This first one is Robson Park, Surrey and the other is in the Okanagan.

This is Hunter, my daughter’s dog. He still likes going out on the paddle board even after he fell in when it bumped into a log.

We were very lucky to have had the opportunity to go for a week of R&R in Mexico. There are so many cats, coatis, monkeys and iguanas.

Perhaps if we get to go on our Arctic adventure next year, we might be able to add some picture of polar bears and other animals from the north. Time will tell.

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  1. My favourite photo is the cat – I think it’s really good. My 2nd fav is Hunter on the board.
    The jay is actually a ‘Stellars Jay’ – I know he’s blue but ‘Blue Jays’ are found in Ontario & probably elsewhere but not in BC. (you can recognize Blue Jays because of a certain baseball team has a picture of them on their uniform)
    Just sayin’…

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