Leading Tickles, Newfoundland

As our plan was to explore Newfoundland and find as many ‘off-the-beaten-track’ places we could, we headed to ‘Leading Tickles’ on Cull Island.

The previous night, we stayed by a river tucked away off the road. In the morning, a Dad brought his son for a swim in the river. He told us that he had grown up in the area and, after exploring other places, has now returned to their homestead. He told us about a bridge that we ought to see and his directions were a little bit like “when you see an old tree, growing by an old barn, then turn left and then after you pass a creek, turn down a dirt road for about 2 km. Well, you get the idea. After a very nice, but long, walk, we found it. It was built in 1939 but I guess the picture told you that. We saw this guy fishing in the river and it just seemed to cap this idyllic picture beautifully.

We almost never stay at an established campground but we found a perfect one in Leading Tickles called Ocean View Park. As it happens, the season not having yet started, we were the only ones there. This is not like the typical RV site where you are on a pad just inches away from your neighbour. This is spread out and rustic — as you can see by this view of the camper and from the camper.

The first thing we saw when we arrived was this iceberg with a hole in it. Within a few hours, it had flipped over and looked more like a dome.

So let me tell you more about the park. Every year at the beginning of August, they hold a big party in the park to raise money for the volunteer fire department. So, if you are in the neighborhood, you know where to go for some fun. It’s nice to know that, when you pay for camping, it goes to a good cause.

What made this even more fun, it seems the grounds keeper has his own flair when maintaining the grounds.

Then it was time to go exploring. This is the path to the lookout.

Can you find the rabbit (or hare — not sure)? I can almost hear him telling himself that if he really quiet, we won’t notice him.

Then there are the views …

It wouldn’t be a post that I have written if I didn’t include a sunset …

Have I mentioned that I simply love it here and can’t wait for a time when we can travel again? I would gladly go on a fourth cross-Canada trip!

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