Hidden Falls, Newfoundland

Our goal for our cross-Canada trip in 2019 was to explore as many ‘off-the-beaten track’ places we could find. Hidden Falls definitely fit that bill and was truly hidden.

The rock formations and the views from the cove were really something to behold.

It turned out, this cove was a lobster fishing camp tucked away off of Sheaves Cove (north of Port aux Basques).

We camped beside the fishing shack and learned all about fishing in this cove from the fishers. They had the coolest contraption for putting the boat in the water and taking it out. If you look at the picture on the right, you see the boat is sitting on a platform and has just come out of the water. When they want to put the boat in the water, that platform pivots around, the fishers get in, then they let it go and splush… into the water they go!

Then, when they want to return from their successful fishing trip, one of the fishers gets out of the boat and hooks the line to a winch and they simply haul it up. Pretty ingenious!

Each day of this trip amazed me. Now that we are not able to travel due to Covid-19, I hope to spend my time reminiscing about places we have been with the hope that we will be able to get out there and explore again someday.

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