Davis – Honeymoon Bay

As our annual family camping trip was not possible this year due to — you guessed it — Covid-19, we ventured out with our ‘bubble team’: one daughter and the grandkids to find a spot suitable to stay for a week that had swimming.

We started out with a list of possibilities. We needed to go no further than the closest one – Davis Lake. That worked out well for us.

And then, there is the sunset!

Every day, we went for a walk to explore the vast areas around the lake. Our ‘budding photographer’ took many photos of the abundance of flowers.

We are always on the lookout for wild life. There were many loons, birds, squirrels, ducks and, of course, bugs and mosquitoes. The squirrels on the stump were fun to watch as they scurried in and out of the holes.

This deer spent a good deal of time just behind our trailer nibbling at the ground and looking around. We think this was his path to the water.

The sunsets were beautiful but, as usual, I was not able to capture any sunrises. I am not sure why but I suspect it is because I am not up early enough.

After a week of swimming, walking, playing, whittling, paddle-boarding and eating, the family returned home and we continued on the journey to explore other potential camping spots.

First, we headed to Adams Lake exploring all the camp sites we could find along the lake and settled on ‘Honeymoon Bay’ to spend the night.

The weather was very nice and warm so we pulled out the camp chairs and looked out over the lake. We saw this little mouse and think he was blind because I put my phone right beside him to take a picture and he didn’t move. Maybe he is one of three…

From here, we went to East Barriere Lake which was really nice. However, this is most poorly-run Recreation Site we have encountered that has a site host. The campsite itself is nice and there is a nice trail to walk (about 5 km).

This marks the end of this chapter …

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