In Lieu of the Arctic

Since our Arctic trip was postponed (not cancelled), we decided to spend as take advantage of this change to explore the boonies of BC.  Our first trip this season took us to our friend’s cabin at Fawn Lake and then on to Wells Gray Provincial Park.

On our first night, we stayed at a wild camp spot by the river. There is just something about rivers that I find so romantic. I love hearing the flow of the water while falling asleep at night.

We approached our friends cabin the next day but the mosquitoes were swarming so bad that we just couldn’t fathom the thought of getting out of the truck. So, we headed right back out and settled at Goose Lake Recreation site. Recreation sites used to be free but now they charge a nominal fee likely due to changes required at the sites to meet Covid prevention procedures.

Goose Lake Rec Site
As always, there are lovely views along the way.

Silvertip Falls in Wells Gray Provincial Park turned out to be an excellent find. It was described as ‘the start of the trail’ so we actually were expecting a parking lot. Instead, we found that there were two camping spots along a very rough road. There were a couple of spots where cars could park close by for those who would want to walk the trail.

It was a rainy day but when the rain stopped, we decided to walk the trail — uphill all the way, of course, but we did it!

I was wearing the GoPro on my head as an experiment. The experiment failed because I was looking down all the time to see where to step as it was a very rough trail. However, it does provide a glimpse into what the trail was like. It is more uphill than it looks.

It was a good thing that we hiked the trail when we arrived because the next day was pouring rain. When we left Silvertip Falls, we had planned to see the other falls but that didn’t work out so well due to the fog and rain. However, we were able to see Dawson Falls which was quite remarkable.

Dawson Falls, Wells Gray Park

From here we ventured to the north end of Wells Gray and stayed at the Clearwater Provincial Park. We were lucky to get the one spot that is by the river without a fence. Other than that, it was not a noteworthy place to stay.

Leaving, we decided to check out Missezula Lake which is where we have camped with the family for many years. We found that there had been a number of changes, again, due to Covid procedures. Fences had been put up designating individual campsites. We stayed for a couple of days and then stayed near Hedley at a recreation site before heading home.

Stay tuned..

Next up … Grand daughter’s adventures with Grandma and Grandpa…

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