Dawson City / Pabineau Falls – May 28

This is part of a series that started with the post called “Roads – then and now (May 14)”. Each post in the series will describe each day of what we had hoped to do on our ‘cancelled due to Covid-29’ trip to the Arctic Ocean in 2020 AND what we did do on our Cross-Canada trip in 2019.

Arctic Ocean:

Depending on how many extra nights we stayed elsewhere, we might have been heading into Dawson City today. We will likely spend two nights here since we expect there is enough to see and do. Some of these are:

  • Jack London Museum
  • Walking tours from the Visitors Centre
  • Midnight Dome
  • Paddlewhe.el Graveyard (has ferry)
  • SS Keno National Historic Site
  • Dredge No 4
  • Dawson City Museum

Cross-Canada 2019:

We left the marina at New Richmond and made a stop at Bathhurst then on to Pabineau Falls where we stayed the night.

It was a lovely place and we met a couple from Germany who had their van shipped to Halifax but a whole month after they arrived. They ‘tented’ it until then but sometimes is -11 degree weather.

We met another person (a local) who explained that while we are noticing many bugs, they are too young and not biting yet. Well, I came away a big honkin’ bite on my cheek.

I would definitely come back here. It was also a lovely warm day.

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