Road to the past – May 21

This is part of a series that started with the post called “Roads – then and now (May 14)”. Each post in the series will describe each day what we had hoped to do on our ‘cancelled due to Covid-29’ trip to the Arctic Ocean in 2020 AND what we did do on our Cross-Canada trip in 2019.

Arctic Ocean:

Today, the temperature in Watson Lake when we would have arrived is about 16° celcius. We would start out at the Visitor Centre as we like to do when we visit a new place. We have had some excellent experiences by doing this. Other items in the plan is to visit the Sign Post Forest and the Northern Lights Centre. We will stay somewhere along the Liard River or Rantin Lake.

Cross-Canada 2019:

Our goal today was to find the Kabir Kouba water falls near Wendake Lake, Quebec. It took a long time before we finally found it — smack dab in the middle of the town! It was nothing like what we expected.

Then, we proceeded to Isla aux Coudres Island in the St. Lawrence River. The small ferry was free and with it being such a beautiful day, the short trip was lovely.

We passed only a couple of people on our walk by the river. It was quite sparse and there was nothing very exciting to see here. However, when we took a drive around the island we came across “Les Moulins de l’Isle-Aux-Coudres“. The Mill continues to make flour to this day which, I am sure was even more appreciated once Covid-19 hit. Here are a few of the photos from this visit.

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