Trails and Rivers (May 19)

This is part of a series that started with the post called “Roads – then and now (May 14)”. Each post in the series will describe each day what we had hoped to do on our ‘cancelled due to Covid-29’ trip to the Arctic Ocean in 2020 AND what we did do on our Cross-Canada trip in 2019.

Arctic Ocean:

On this day, we would have arrived in Fort Nelson, BC. We would do any house-keeping items required eg: filling up with DEF (engine fluid – which might be scarce once we leave BC), groceries, etc. There are a few options of places that we could stay at albeit a bit out of town. One of these supposedly has delicious cinnamon buns which we would feel compelled to check out. There are numerous trails and hiking opportunities to fill our day.

Cross-Canada 2019:

On this day in 2019, we visited Fort Wellington National Historic site in Prescott, Ontario.

After a nice walk through the town, we stayed at a place called St. Lawrence Shakespeare but we don’t know why it was called that. It was a parking area with a nice view of the St. Lawrence River and places to walk.

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