Road — an new adventure (May 18)

This is part of a series that started with the post called “Roads – then and now (May 14)”. Each post in the series will describe each day what we had hoped to do on our ‘cancelled due to Covid-29’ trip to the Arctic Ocean in 2020 AND what we did do on our Cross-Canada trip in 2019.

Arctic Ocean:

We would have stayed at Duhu Lake last night or a little spot on part of the old Alaska Hwy. Our destination today was to be the Sikanni Chief Falls. This is when we would have to decide whether we want to make good time or sit back and chill. This Sikanni Chief Falls is only 40 minutes from our last stop. My vote is to hike on this day.

Cross-Canada 2019:

Well, this day last year, turns out to be quite the adventure! After we stopped off in Toronto to drop some items off for our daughter who was moving there in another month, we continued to head east. We pulled up to a spot that was described as being a parking lot just to check it out. It turned out to be the parking lot of a beautiful park so we decided to stay. We walked around the park and around the town of Grananoque, Ontario. The place was deserted!

The park had a plethora of interesting things: boat launch, museum, play centre for kids and, as it turns out, boat tours to the 1,000 Islands. Did you know that this is where Thousand Island Dressing originated?

The museum was very interesting. The young tour guides were very knowledgeable about the history of the area and were extremely enthusiastic about showing us everything there was to see!

The next day, the whole place was swarming with thousands of people! Turns out — this is a major tourist area. We surprised ourselves by deciding to take the boat tour to the Thousand Islands which was really not expensive considering it was for 3 hours! Umm.. Three-hour boat tour — sounds familiar…

Some of the islands were very small with only enough (barely) room for the house itself. Others had mansions on them — mostly on the American side. You could see both American and Canadian islands.

This was really a nice surprise and what makes not having any plan worth it. You just never know what you will find — and that’s a good thing.

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