Roads — still standing (May 16)

This is part of a series that started with the post called “Roads – then and now (May 14)”. Each post in the series will describe each day what we had hoped to do on our ‘cancelled due to Covid-29’ trip to the Arctic Ocean in 2020 AND what we did do on our Cross-Canada trip in 2019.

Arctic Ocean:

There were several options as to where we might spend the night (or two) in Prince George. This is where we would fill up with diesel and get any groceries we might need. Our plans included The Exploration Place (The Science Centre and Museum) and the Central BC Railway and Forestry Museum.

Cross-Canada 2019:

I might have mentioned it before, but when we were planning this trip, we hoped to visit as many places as possible that were featured in ‘Still Standing’ CBC tv series hosted by Jonny Harris. After just a few stops, found ourselves quite disappointed. We had expected that the whole point of the show was to bring attention and tourism to the area. When we got there though, there was absolutely nothing to say that the town was featured or anything to direct you to the point of interest. It really was lackluster.

So, moving on, our next stay was at Elliot Park in Exeter, Ontario. They asked for a $5 donation for upkeep. This was a beautiful spot by the river! The spots were full when we arrived but we soon learned that people came and parked here for their lunch and coffee breaks. There was only one other camper/tent.


We went for a long walk through the town and through the lovely, well-maintained park just across the street from where we stayed.


I haven’t mentioned weather yet — but, so far, the weather has been amazing! Be back tomorrow…

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