Roads – then and now (May 14)

Since we are not able to go on our Arctic Ocean trip, I thought it would be nice to see where we would be on this day and, where we were, last year at this time.

The plans for our trip to the Arctic Ocean would have seen us leave on May 12, stop for the night at one of the forestry campsites on Cayoosh Creek, BC for one night, then on to our friend’s cabin at Fawn Lake (near Sheridan Lake) for a couple of nights.

On May 12, last year, we stayed at Jolly Creek and the next night at Wild Horse River, Fort Steele in BC.

In Alberta, we stayed at Castle Provincial Park where we met Paul and Vicki. The park was not open but we were allowed to camp there with no amenities (which we didn’t need anyway.) We were the only two parties in the park and both of us had Northern Lite campers. What are the odds?

In Saskatchewan, we stayed at Cypress Hills — in the snow!

Also in Saskatchewan, we visited family in Regina overnight and then stopped in Montmontre (little Paris) before heading to Deleau-Sifton Centennial Park. This park was one of the nicest parks to stay in. They had washrooms available, and there was lots of space. They have a box for donations to help them maintain it. They were very gracious indeed.

In Ontario, we stayed at Silver Lake, Kenora and Rainbow Falls, Terrace Bay.

At this point, we were already one week in. We had decided early on to visit Manitoulin Island because we had missed it the previous two trips. On our way there, we stayed a night at Batchawana Bay.

On Manitoulin Island, we stayed at Gore Bay for a couple of nights. There was a building devoted to artists, a pub and brewery across the street and we enjoyed a very long and arduous climb up the hill for a wonderful view. There were boardwalks all around where you could see birds, flowers and other living creatures.

This is the start of my not bemoaning where I can’t go but rather where I have been. So let’s see where this takes us….

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