Big Hearts – Little Lights

While the world is grappling with the biggest disaster of our lifetime, we see little glimmers of hope for humanity thanks to some big hearts. Every little bit counts in this bleak time.

China and Cuba are sending doctors and medicines to Italy and other nations hardest hit by Covid-19. Even though Cuba is a relatively small, ‘third world’ country that has been under a US blockage for over 55 years, they have developed a myriad of medications, some which are proven, high efficacy treatment medications, in addition to another group of drugs that are included in protocols for treating patients with this disease and the complications that may arise.

Even though China bought the world time in getting ahead of the virus, it was squandered away by the USA which has impacted the whole world.

Why do they do it? Cuba has a history of providing doctors and medical support to other countries in need over the years. In their own country, caring and looking out for each other is a daily common practice. In spite of shortages they endure, many due to the US blockade, every citizen has food, clothing, free education and free medical care. This is what a society that puts people before profits does.

In the face of COVID-19, people throughout the world are banning together, helping each other and showing their appreciation to the people who valiantly stay on the front lines — many in spite of the arrogance and lack of common sense of their rulers.

The people in the US will, no doubt, be hardest hit since their government, was so slow to act and whatever measures they are putting in place are far too few and geared to help corporations rather than people.

But, we can and will beat this in spite of, certainly not because of, those currently holding the power. We will win!

When we get through this, it will be due to actions of a united people around the world.

When we get through this, let us make good use of the lessons we have learned. Let’s make history and rid ourselves of those who have chosen wealth over people.

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