The Wind

It is very difficult to write while people throughout the world are trying to come to terms with COVID-19.

The song below was written by Eric Bogle. I sang it at several peace conferences over the years. The message is a warning that a catastrophe can happen. Now it has with Covid-19.

People throughout the world are working together to fight Covid. We may realize that, after all this is over, we should build our society based on the needs of the people rather than for profits. We in Canada, would have been more equipped if much of our medical services had not been privatized (for one example). Some countries took immediate action and took out all stops to save their people and increase the recovery while some others did not.

This song expresses the fear that many people are feeling today.

When the Wind Blows

The evening air lies heavy, and sleep it still escapes me
A night where hope and courage are stillborn.
Outside the lurking shadows, they press against my windows
Waiting for the coming of the storm.
They dance those shadows, When the wind blows

Shadows are advancing, over all the earth they’re dancing
And everywhere they dance they shall bring death.
All the nights on even pages, they have written through the ages
Shall vanish in the shadows poison breath.
A storybook will fall, when the wind blows

Suddenly I’m frightened, I wish this room where lightened
Can no one light a candle in the dark?
For I hear the sudden murmur of far off threatening thunder.
I feel its menace chill me to the heart.
Where can I hide where can I go? When the wind blows

There’s no one there to save you and no where that you can run to.
No shelter in a world that’s gone insane.
In this world that we created, in our arrogance and hatred
Stand naked beneath the gentle deadly rain
There will be no rainbows when the wind blows

In the darkness I am trembling, for this night seems never ending
It seems the morning sun will never rise.
And the clashing of the thunder. It splits my head asunder.
And lightning burns and eats into my eyes.
And oh how the darkness grows. When the wind blows

Oh I must be dreaming for I thought I heard a screaming
Like a million lost soles falling into hell.
Can a thousand tongues be wailing at a different fate unveiling
Each calling on their saviour as they fell.
Shall we reap what we did sow when the wind blows?

You can call upon your Saviour if you think that is the answer.
But you’ve called on him so many times before.
Call on Allah, Buddah, Jesus. I doubt that they will hear us
For you’ve let the devil loose now hear him roar.
Hell shall overflow, when the wind blows

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