Kitchenfest – Part 3

I know — it seems the fun will go on forever! And … this is me telling you only about the highlights!

On a previous cross-Canada trip, we tried to go to the Red Shoe Pub but it was full to the rafters and we had to forego it that time.  However, since then, they have added a section on and so, to our delight, we attended ‘Pub Night’ at the Red Shoe as part of the Kitchenfest.  Featured was: Shelly Campbell, (who we had seen that afternoon at the Gaelic College in St. Anne’s), Allan Dewar, Kenny Stewart, Leanne Aucoin.

The performers are a community among themselves as well and many stop in creating impromptu jams as was the case this afternoon when Kinnon Beaton showed up at the Gaelic College lunch cèilidh.

The next night, we attended a square dance at the Glencoe Mills Hall.

We had attended this dance on our 2017 trip and had a ball!  It is so much fun and nice to see kids around 6-7 dancing with people who are 70+ and all ages in between.  Just as last time, someone started the procession of people who danced in the centre of the room to showcase their particular talents!

The next night of the Kitchenfest was spent enjoying the Pub Night at the Admiral Lounge in Port Hood featuring:  Richard Wood, Tracey MacNeil, Scott Macmillan, Brennan MacDonald

Scott MacMillan is an absolutely fabulous guitarist with a rich and unique style.  Together with Richard Wood, who is the most amazing fiddler I have every seen, it made for an unforgettable performance.  We loved staying in Port Hood already so this night was definitely icing on the already delicious cake.

We concluded our Kitchenfest experience with the Outdoor Concert in Glendale .  The lineup of performers was extensive and included many well-known artists: Howie MacDonald, Bill Pellerin, Margie Beaton, Stephanie MacDonald, Cape Breton Fiddlers’ Association, Goiridh Dòmhnullach, Claire Sampson MacDonald and the Glendale Step Dancers and many more.

This all day event was followed by a dance at the Glendale Hall with Gordie Sampson, Howie MacDonald, and yeah! Richard Wood, and Mac Morin.

I don’t have pictures of the dance because I was too busy dancing!  It was just so much fun!

Well, that is the end of my report on the Kitchenfest.  If you ever want a full week of amazing music, demonstrations and events to learn about the Gaelic history and culture, dancing, and a ton of fun — you know where to go … the Kitchenfest in Cape Breton.



  1. Nit picking—the Gaelic College is in St Anns, while the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre is in Judique.

    Nice to have met you at KitchenFest! this summer.

    • Hi Vic:
      It was great to meet you too. Thanks for the correction. Of course, the Gaelic College is in St. Anns. Not sure how I got that backwards.
      Nice to hear from you.

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