Night Lights

Heading west, we stopped outside of Montreal for the night only to find that the place we chose, happened to be a viewing point for the Australian fireworks in the International Fireworks Competition.

Score !! We were already parked so were very happy to be strategically situated. There was a pole in front of us but we thought we could live with that.

However, when it finally got dark and the fireworks started, it turned out that they were set off behind the tree off to the side.

We enjoyed it none the less and found some of the display really amazing.

We went for a walk to pass the time til the fireworks were to start and saw this cute little groundhog.

After meeting up with our daughter in Toronto, we set out for our next ‘night lights’ experience at the Torrence Barrens Dark Sky Preserve described online as “Lush wetland reserve offering boardwalk hiking paths & unobstructed views of the night’s sky”.

We decided to take the 5.5 km trail which ended up being more than 7 km and one of the hardest hikes I have undertaken.

This is one of the several paths. Getting over them was just another kind of fun. At least they were not over canyons…

Then came the night and the anticipation of a sky lit up with nothing but stars. We got lights, alright, but in the form of lightning. To top it all off, we were swarmed with mosquitoes. So, this was not how this was supposed to turn out but it was it’s own kind of fun.All was made well again when we went swimming at Hardy Lake. The water was clear and warm and such a relief after our hike.

Actually, it was so nice, we went back for a swim after everyone (except me) went for a ‘short’ hike.

We did stay at Torrence Barrens a second night and got to see the stars which we watched through our camper’s mosquito-free skylight.

Our mission was accomplished albeit with some hiccups.


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