New Brunswick highlights

The days in New Brunswick were too few but fun-filled starting with the caves at St. Martins.

When visiting places that depend on the tide levels, careful planning is essential. That did not stop us from ‘winging it’ which had been our travel style so far.

As luck would have it (literally), we hit the tides just right. With our water shoes in hand, we walked the ocean floor to see what the receding tides unveiled.

The heaps of grass you see in the picture below, are what is left when the tide goes out.

On leaving here, we passed by one of many wooden covered bridges.

Next stop – Caddell Rapids which was by the river and said to be a good place to camp. It wasn’t. But we did get there just in time to see the tide coming in. This means of course, that we didn’t see the reverting tides at St. John’s.

We stayed the night at Canal Beach at Lake Utopia.

All we had experienced in New Brunswick gave rise to the realization of how much more there is to see and do. I guess we have to come back!

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