Piping Plover

We went to Cape Sable Island to see the ‘drowned forest’. Although the weather has been nice and sunny, the fog and cold set in as we approached the island (via a causeway). This set a perfect backdrop for the field of stumps we saw when we arrived.

We met a local resident and asked about the story behind the ‘drowned forest’ (prominently promoted through signage).

He said, “there used to be a forest here, then a storm came and wiped it out”. I didn’t know that, lol!

We camped at Broad Cove beach which is a protected area for the Piping Plover.

While walking the beach, we met Shayla, a researcher for Bird Studies Canada.

There are signs all over explaining that you should walk only on the wet sand because the Piping Plovers lay eggs in the dry sand.

This is what a Piping Plovers looks like but this is not my picture. I did see one, but was not able to get a picture.

It was a lovely beach and provided a nice walk before we moved on.


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