The South Shore, NS

You may have noticed that we have posted several pictures of sunsets but none of sunrises. We will try to do something about that but no promises… Our idea of a holiday.

We stopped in at Peggy’s Cove on our two previous trips but this is the first time we got to stop. Big tour buses usually fill up all the parking space.

Then on to Lunenburg. I am always fascinated by the embellishments and colours of the buildings. If you want to see the Blue Nose, it is usually gone between mid-June to mid-Aug.

This picture is two of the 140 tiles painted by students from grades 2-7 using the architecture of Lunenburg as their inspiration. They are displayed in the public washroom! I know, eh?!

We camped at Broad Cove. We played in the water which was really warm. (Yes, this is Evan’s idea of playing in the water).

We went for an evening stroll on a housed lane that hugged the ocean and came across this little manicured area upon the rocks by the water.

More to come…

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