PEI Farewell

You can’t visit PEI without visiting The Canadian Potato Museum.

My friend, Mona was born in O’Leary so she was able to give a personal insight about the people in the pictures displayed in local history of section of the museum.

This is Mona’s cottage which is also where she grew up. The Blue Heron are wooden – – the legs are the give-away.

In the category of ‘what were you thinking’…

We first saw this fox coming out from the forest. He stopped to look at us approaching in the truck and camper, then walked out into the middle of the street and sat down!

We edged closer to try to get a better picture and then he changed his mind and walked (not ran) into the woods.

What struck us about PEI is the red earth and the amazing cliffs. You get the feeling that PEI may just erode away someday.

Sad to leave, but leave we must. On to Nova Scotia!


  1. I really wanted to know more about the Potato Museum. Do they have ‘Old Potatoes’ not seen around any more, or especially lovely examples of potatoes? Miniatures? Maybe great examples of Mr Potato Head, intricate carved potatoes used for stamping? Argh!! Why oh why is there a Potato Museum – is it all about Russets??
    Love the photo of the fox, he’s very tidy looking. And the red cliffs are stunning.

    • There were more types of potatoes than you would ever imagine. Even more types of diseases that can ruin them… Not pretty pictures!. The history of potato farming was extensive. All in all, too much for me to handle on my wee phone screen and limited ‘online’ time. Well worth a visit if you are in PEI

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