Barrachois, NS

I just couldn’t wait to show you this picture. And I thought the bunny was the cutest thing ever. Well, and the two baby moose walking down the road. This guy came along the beach where we camped after my planning failed us. It turns out that two wrongs do make a right.

We finished our Kitchenfest extravaganza and were headed to Blue Sea Beach to see the Bubbling Tides.

First, the place I thought we could camp close to that beach, had suffered due to the heavy rains and we couldn’t camp there. Second, it turns out that I had the wrong place for the ‘bubbling tides’.

So we traversed every side road that looked like it .was headed to the water in search of a place to camp.

Once again, a harbour came though for us and we found one of the nicest spots ever.

The highlight was this young buck who sauntered down the beach right beside where we camped.

It seemed to hear my camera shutter and must have seen us but didn’t run.

He disappeared behind the grass and then suddenly popped up.

The next morning, Evan was in his glory watching the lobster boats being hauled out of the water.

I think a dedicated post on the kitchenfest is warranted which I will save for when we return home so I can do it justice.

We are headed to PEI in search of more music.

Keep calm and ceilidh on!!!!


  1. What a cute deer ❤
    i’m loving all the wildlife that you’ve been able to see and capture on this trip!

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