Meat Cove

Meat Cove is at the very tip of Cape Breton. The view getting there is amazing as is the view once you get there.We stayed down on the beach because while the established campsite was on the cliff, there wasn’t a level spot to be had.We set out on a hike to where a lighthouse used to be, but due to the fact we didn’t find it, I don’t have a picture of it. But the hike was lovely none the less.A little treacherous at times but isn’t that part of the adventure?We met Isaac on the beach with his parents Marlene and Martin from Ontario. Isaac (9 years) loves rocks much like those we are collecting for our daughter. Isaac was in heaven exploring. His adventurous nature and imagination caused us to miss Lauren, our granddaughter even more.

We left Meat Cove, and headed for Cheticamp, the first stop of our Kitchenfest adventure. On the way, we stopped to take advantage of this great photo op.Unbeknownst to us at the time, this is the beach where we were headed. This is a picture from our camper window.Off to the Kitchenfest!

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